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Elevator Naked

Industrial grade, large scale 3D Printer
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Update: Product Availability.

UPDATE :Our new product, Elevator, will be available for Pre Order via Tuesday 8th September 2020 Starting at 8am US PDT. For Australian customers this translates to Wednesday 9th September 1:00am (sorry!) for estimated March/April delivery. You can see all the details on the product through our preview page here : Cultivate3D Elevator Preview

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Elevator with Medusa - Massive Multi Material Printing

a BIG 3D Printer for even BIGGER ideas.

Following the success of its predecessor, The Beast V1 and V2, we’re proud to introduce the newest additions to The Cultivate3D family, the long awaited “Elevator” and "Medusa".

Rather than tack on some new additions to our old design, we’ve taken the feedback and experience accumulated over the past 2 years and completely redesigned our Large Scale 3D printer from the ground up with much improved accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Having produced thousands of the V1 and V2 model, we gained vast experience from our customers and our usage as to where our design could be improved. Now with the benefit of this experience, “The Elevator” is the culmination of non stop re-design, re-evaluation and 1000’s of hours of testing since the successful funding of our first model over 5 years ago.


Detailed Features and Specifications

Huge Print Volume 1000x 660x 500mm.
Heated Print Bed Heated up to 120 degrees
Layer Resolution 100 - 800 microns
Dual Material Printing with Medusa Multi Material Switching System
Compatible Materials All materials that print at 300 degrees or less
Travel Speed Up to 250 mm/s
XYZ Positional Accuracy 6, 6, 4 microns
Nozzle Sizes 0.15mm - 1.2mm Available
Supported Filament Brands Non-proprietaty - All 1.75mm filament spools supported
Filament Detection Pause job on out of filament detection
Print Speed Up to 30 mm3/s
Control Options Dual Mode Touch Screen Display
Print Plate Leveling Auto Leveling Sensor and Mechanical Locking Features
Machine Dimensions 755 x 755 x 1080 mm
Weight 75Kg
Flexible Design Easily Modifiable / Customizable Design

Due to the pending release of Elevator, The Beast V2 - we no longer be available. Email for parts ordering.

Elevator Fully Enclosed

Elevator Fully Enclosed

Due to the pending release of Elevator, The Beast V2 - we no longer be available. Email for parts ordering.

Out of stock

The Beast V2 Comes with absolutely everything required to build a fully functional single hotend printer. Additional hotends will be required in order to take advantage of Synchronous printing or Multi-material Printing.
Build time varies depending on your level of experience with Kits and 3D Printers. As little as 12 build hrs can be required to start printing. More for those who have little 3D Printing experience. To see our assembly document online : Download here.

Don't miss out. The Beast V2 will only be available on Pre Order. 5th round pre orders now open until 31st Dec 2019, Shipping March 2020. Be part of something really big!

Tools Required Hex Screw Driver Set (to suit m3 and m5 socket screws)
Long Nose Pliers
Small Spanner/Wrench Set to Suit M5 Bolts
Motor Grease / Lubricant
Small Spirit Level
Small L-Square
IEC 13 Cable to Suit your Country's power outlet type
IEC 19 Cable to Suit your Country's power outlet type
In the box 1x The Beast V2 Pro Kit
1x V6 Hotend
1x Heated Bed with Borosilicate Glass Bed
1x 110v/240v Switchable Power Supply
1x Printed Build Manual

Please note that any and all customs duties and import taxes are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

More Information

12 Month manufacturers worldwide replacement warranty applies to “non consumable” parts only.
In general “non consumable” parts are 3D printed or laser cut, but also includes all elements of the printer frame such as aluminium extrusions and fixings as well as wiring. The power supply, emergency stop button, motors, electronics control board are also deemed non consumable components, however the stepper drivers which plug into the electronics control board are not.

3 month manufacturers worldwide replacement warranty applies to “consumable” parts.
In general “consumable” parts are those which contain moving parts or are subject to heat and wear. These include bearings, fans, hotends, thermistors, heater blocks, stepper drivers, delrin wheels and connectors.
The glass bed is deemed a non-warranty component and will only be replaced if it is damaged in shipping.
Regardless of warranty status, all components are replaceable through Cultivate3D Pty. Ltd. Please contact us via email or visit our website for more information.